life the city

By Anna Adell / In Arte Actual /  9 diciembre, 2016
Setdart. Barcelona . 2016
Using only pictorial resources, Gonzalo Centelles immerses us in 
everyday experiences almost synesthetic, where the form transmits 
celerity and color seems to emit all the symphonic notes of the big 
city: the pushing in the subway, beeps, squeaky wheels ... or the 
Human warmth and the aroma of coffee in the corner bar; The emotion 
shared in a soccer field or in an automobile race ... It speaks to us, 
in short, of the beauty of living, sometimes with sarcasm but always 
with tenderness. As for the formal, Gonzalo defines himself as a cocktail, 
and certainly stirs with skill in his cubilete languages ​​derived from 
expressionism and fauve, but also from urban art and the world of comics.

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