New, different, bright, ironic, funny and even acid is the painting of this young Catalan artist, able to draw everything from every possible angle, with the insertion of characters in a first, second and even third level, to give his works a halo of the three-dimensional image away from the flat pop. Suggesting a chromatic expressionist vibration charged on the canvas in a display of vital freedom. With details on the background he succeeds in creating an atmosphere that make more reliable the developments of his characters and their environment, his loose stroke, worthy of the most outstanding artists, does not elude the licenses of someone who knows about the painting technique of art and who enjoys applying it to his whim, small details that enrich a work to be analyzed with interest and which shows the pictorial skills of this author, Gonzalo Centelles, who should be followed closely.
While others opted for the autobiography or the vague representation of existential emptiness, to raise his ideas on the possibilities of art, Centelles tells us a story that is real, while we become tender and excited. But in addition, today more than ever, he returns to play with reality to lead us to all sorts of winks. He combines imagination with realism, logic with fantasy, showing constant philosophical, sociological and anthropological proposals. Highlighting, also, his concerns about geometry and perception on the painting and his ability to suggest. Showing clearly his goal: to build a world with icons of the moment he has lived full of wit and arguments.
Pay sincere attention to this work. You will perceive that it comes out from inside the creating heart of the artist who paints necessarily with the indestructible strength of his internal ego. He forgets of what is established, and he visually rests of those images that have been previously projected in his conscience. You will see how this creator of the brush is gradually walking on the path built by great artists in their passage through life.

2008.Fragment taken from the original text written by:
Javier Carles and Marila Gomez Alarcon.
Journalists and art critics.
Members of the International Association of Art Critics.

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